Every day, the pure (sachet) water hustler wakes up to another hustle for thy daily bread on major express roads. Always being at the mercy of the environmental protection board who whip them with a cane when caught, burst their water and fine them N5000, five-thousand-naira. Where do they expect them to get the money from and who does that money go to?

Having to face so many challenges just to survive, a report by UNICEF on child labor stated over fifteen million children enter the labor market everyday, working hard to feed their families at such a tender age. Selling, hawking, trading, sweeping, etc.

Hence, this research shows that hawking pure water is a major source of livelihood for many Nigerians making thy daily bread through it and also living below one dollar per day.

Now, the majority of the people in metropolitan and downtown Lagos would agree with me that this business of sachet water, also popularly known as pure water is not going anywhere soon, no matter the law being put in place by the law enforcement agency to re-strict street hawking.

Since we cannot totally control the poor and average Nigerians from hawking due to the present economic challenges. Then, the big question is how then can we improve the hawking of pure (sachet) water business. Thus, make it better and more attractive for Nigerians to venture into it, without violating government laws.

Join me and let’s discuss this issue in the comment section below…

N/B: Further reading on the topic hawking, please see https://howng.com/11419-2/