Because water helps in digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion,

drinking an adequate amount of water per day is important for overall good health

According to research, there are claims that drinking water gives you a certain amount of

radiant, healthy, youthful, look while others say it doesn’t have any effect

anyway on the skin appearance.

The skin is an organ, and like any other body part, your skin is composed of

cells. And skin cells are made up of water just like any other cell in the body.

If your skin does not get enough water, there will be a lack of hydration

thereby making your skin tight, dry and saggy. Dry skin has less resilience and are more prone to wrinkle.

Taking Nigeria’s hot weather condition, water gets lost in large quantities every day, somehow

you need to replace it. The unfortunate truth about the drinking water and skin is that before

it reaches the skin, water will reach all other organs. So, applying water to our skin is important,

and keeping it there. This will not only show a visible hydration difference but can also prevent wrinkles.

Nothing happens overnight, everything in life takes consistency but even a good few weeks of increasing water

intake should be enough for you to see how your own skin is significantly impacted by hydration.

How to use water to your advantage

1. Drink about 8 glassess of water daily

2. Wash your face regularly so as to allow water enter the skin through the pores as well

3. For every chance you get to almost take any carbonated drinks, substitute it with a glass or sachet of water.

4. Drink Delmita Water.

5. Drink more Delmita Water.